All you need to understand about Composite Doors

Over the last few years, composite doors have actually ended up being an increasingly popular choice with homeowners due to their excellent appearances, in addition to their structural and insulating advantages.

Today we’re going to be taking a better take a look at composite doors and how they differ from uPVC, wood and aluminium doors. We’ll also be looking at the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a composite door over other materials, plus where to buy them.

What is a composite door?
Composite doors, unlike other particular material doors, are made up of a number of various elements. Usually a composite door has three distinct product layers:

  • An outer layer made of uPVC combined most typically with galvanized steel, nevertheless, this can vary from door to door.
  • Layer two is a 2nd uPVC layer.
  • The door’s core is made of a hardwood.
  • There can likewise be more insulating layers, to help with thermal performance.

What are the advantages of a composite door?
Composite doors are first and foremost, incredibly hard wearing. Due to the reinforced products used, the combined strength provided is unrivalled. As a result composite doors are extremely challenging to break in to. Paired with our multipoint locking system, prospective burglars do not stand a chance.

Composite doors are also engineered to be extremely weather resistant. As such they are extremely thermally efficient, perfect for house owners wanting to reduce their energy costs.

Just like a uPVC door, a composite door is low-maintenance. Although they may consist of wood matter, it is as part of a composite layer. This suggests that it does not need the exact same kind of maintenance as a regular wood door would.

The one main downside of picking a composite door is the cost. The meticulous construction of a composite door and the top quality materials that go into creating one, increase the cost. However, this cost increase is well worth the added security advantages that the door offers. With all of the advantages, composite doors continue to end up being a more popular option for homeowners.

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